Bethel Equip exists to equip believers in biblical and theological studies, practical ministry training, and leadership development in order to make disciples and develop leaders capable of advancing God’s kingdom. Bethel Equip includes Be1 Discipleship Training, Bethel School of Discipleship, and Bethel Leadership Institute.


Be1 Discipleship Training includes three short classes that help you learn how to share your faith, help someone follow Jesus, and start a Life Group.

Be1 is part of Bethel’s requirements to lead a Life Group. After completing the sessions and any homework, click the link below to request your Certificate of Completion and find out about opportunities to serve at Bethel.

Currently, our Be1 Discipleship Training is conducted exclusively online.


Session One - WIN 1



To obtain a certificate of completion, you must watch the video or listen to the audio in its entirety and complete any assignments that are included in the notes.

If your internet connection is slow, you may download the session as an audio file here: AUDIO

Please print out or download the notes before watching the video or listening to the audio here: NOTES

Instructor: Pastor Phillip Steele

Session One - MAKE 1



To obtain a certificate of completion, you must watch the video or listen to the audio in its entirety and complete any assignments that are included in the notes.

If your internet connection is slow, you may download the session as an audio file here: AUDIO

Please print out or download the notes before watching the video or listening to the audio here: NOTES

Instructor: Pastor Carlos Antonio

Session One - START 1


To obtain a certificate of completion, you must watch the video in its entirety and complete the reflection questions.



BSD graphic

Bethel School of Discipleship (BSD) exists to strengthen your faith and equip you to make disciples. BSD courses are offered in four independent tracks: Bible, Personal Growth, Theology, and Ministry.

The Ministry track is offered every summer. It covers two lessons per week.

The Theology, Personal Growth, and Bible tracks will be offered each year on a rotating basis in the winter and fall. The winter and fall tracks cover one lesson per week.

There are no prerequisites to enroll in the tracks.

At present, weekly discussion meetings are held in-person at Bethel on Sundays from 11:00AM -12:00PM.

BSD Education Track Material


BSD Theology Title Icon

Theology Track Course Descriptions


This course teaches how to read, interpret, and apply the Bible with the aim that students experience transformation through a greater understanding of Scripture. Guidelines for interpreting the major genres of biblical literature are provided.

Instructor – Krishon Davis

Week 1 - Reading & Understanding the Bible Week 2 - Interpreting & Applying the Bible Week 3 - Interpreting the Old Testament Week 4 - Interpreting the New Testament


This course concisely covers the major doctrines of systematic theology; namely, Bibliology, Theology Proper, Christology, Pneumatology, Soteriology, and Ecclesiology. This course is taught under the premise that a deeper understanding of truth shapes the way we live.

Instructor – Ps. Bruce Fidler

Week 1 - God Week 2 - Jesus Christ Week 3 - Holy Spirit Week 4 - Humanity, Sin, Salvation Week 5 - The Church Week 6 - Eschatology

Church History

This course recalls the main events and protagonist of the history of the church from the Apostolic age to the 20th century. Church history helps students understand the present condition of the church and look toward its future.

Instructor – Kurtis Ullein

Week 1 - Introduction/The Apostolic Church Week 2 - Church from 100-311 A.D. Week 3 - The Church, The Empire, and the Barbarians Week 4 - Union of Church & State Week 5 - The Reformation Week 6 - Missions & Modernism (17th–20th Centuries)


BSD Ministry Title icon

Ministry Track Course Descriptions


This course equips students to become effective in helping others follow Jesus by cultivating a lifestyle of discipleship. Students will be trained in how to establish new believers in the faith, equip them to reach others, and empower them to make disciples.

Instructor – Ps. Carol Fidler

Week 1 - What is Discipleship? Week 2 - Engage & Establish, Part 1 Week 3 - Engage & Establish, Part 2 Week 4 - Engage & Establish, Part 3


This course motivates and equips believers to share the gospel with the unreached. Students will gain greater compassion for the lost, passion for the Great Commission, and skills in the use of various methods and strategies for evangelism.

Instructor – Ps. Phillip Steele

Week 1 - Introduction: The Biblical Basis for Evangelism Week 2 - Metanarrative and Gospel Explanation Week 3 - S.A.L.T. and The God Test Side B Week 4 - The God Test Side A and One2One Booklet


This course will help students grow in their leadership capacity and ability by focusing on the Bible’s view of leadership. Special attention is given to the character and competencies of a leader and on some foundational principles of leadership.

Instructor – Ps. Carlos Antonio (Course Summary with Audio and Notes)

Week 1 - Servant Leadership Week 2 - Identification & Instruction Week 3 - Impartation & Internship Week 4 - The Character of a Leader


This course will equip students to successfully start and lead a small discipleship group centered on Jesus. Biblical principles and practical guidance for small group ministry will be taught with the goal of starting a new Life Group.

Instructor – Jessica Lee (Course Summary with Audio and Notes)

Week 1 - Introduction Week 2 - Leading a Life Group Week 3 - Life Group Components


BSD Bible Title Icon

Bible Track Course Descriptions


This course is a brief overview of the great story of God and his purpose for humanity. This story consists primarily of four major elements: God’s creation of the world and humanity, humanity’s rebellion against God, God’s unfolding plan of redemption to restore his creation, and God’s consummation of his redemptive plan.

Instructor – Ps. Bruce Fidler

Week 1 - Creation & Rebellion Week 2 - Abraham, Israel & the Law Week 3 - David, Solomon, & The Prophets - Kurt Ullein Week 4 - Jesus and The Church

Old Testament Survey

This course provides a general overview of the Old Testament by reviewing the main content of each book and its contribution to the overarching plan of salvation. Students will develop a greater understanding and appreciation of the revelation of God in the Old Testament and its relevance in the overall story of God’s plan.

Instructor – Clay McComas

Week 1 - Pentateuch Week 2 - History Books, Part I Week 3 - History Books, Part II Week 4 - Wisdom Literature Week 5 - Major Prophets Week 6 - Minor Prophets

New Testament Survey

This course looks at the main content, historical background, and theological ideas emphasized in each book of the New Testament. A greater understanding of the New Testament will allow students to apply it to their lives more effectively.

Instructor – Etheleen Hill

Week 1 - Intertestamental Period; Synoptic Gospels Week 2 - Acts and Pauline Epistles Part 1 Week 3 - Pauline Epistles Part 2 Week 4 - Pauline Prison Epistles Week 5 - General Epistles - Kurtis Ullein Week 6 - The Writings of the Apostle John - Kurtis Ullein

Personal Growth

BSD Growth Title Icon

Personal Growth Track Course Descriptions


This course examines the biblical teaching on faith from various perspectives: salvation by faith, the gift of faith, and the fruit of faith. Students will be encouraged to live, persevere, and act in faith.

Instructor – Ps. David Houston (Course Summary with Audio and Notes)

Week 1 - Foundation of Faith Week 2 - The Need for Faith Week 3 - Miraculous Faith Week 4 - Faith-fullness


This course examines the major principles and elements that help produce God-honoring transformation in a believer’s life. Students will be guided on how to practically apply those principles and cooperate with the Holy Spirit in the sanctification process.

Instructor – Dan Stolldorf (Course Summary with Audio and Notes)

Week 1 - Conversion: Dead to Self & Alive to God Week 2 - Hatred for Sin & Transformation of the Mind Week 3 - Roots & Change Week 4 - Restoring Relational Damage


This course explores the reasons, benefits, and practice of the spiritual disciplines and expands on the disciplines of prayer, the study of Scripture, and worship. Students will develop their spiritual lives as they integrate biblical teaching on each topic with practical application.

Instructor – Dr. Rene Rochester (Course Summary with Audio and Notes)


Week 1 - Introduction Week 2 - God's Word Week 3 - Prayer Week 4 - Lifestyle of Worship


This course seeks to help students increase their understanding and dependency of the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit and his gifts. Students are introduced to different spiritual gifts and their functions and expression in the church.

Instructor – Ps. Delvin Pikes (Course Summary with Audio and Notes)


Week 1 - Baptism in the Holy Spirit Week 2 - Grace and Various Gifts Week 3 - 1st Corinthians 12:8-10 Week 4 - Ministering Spiritual Gifts

Upcoming Track: Ministry Track
Orientation: May 21, 2023 from 9:00 – 10:00 AM
Course Dates: June 4 – July 30, 2023
Discussions are held on Sundays from 11:00 – 12:00 PM
Discussions are held in-person only at Bethel


Please read the BSD information below before registering.

If you have any questions, please email


Bethel Leadership Institute is a two-year program of Every Nation’s Leadership 215 courses in biblical and theological studies which will establish your theological foundations and prepare you for greater spiritual leadership.

BLI is currently offered online only.

Students can be admitted at the beginning of any semester.

  • Next Semester: Summer/Fall 2023
  • Application Deadline: July 18, 2023
  • Classes Begin: July 25, 2023

2022-2023 Schedule

Jan-May, 2022
Spirit Empowered Ministry

August – November, 2022
Introduction to Every Nation
Old Testament Survey
New Testament Survey

Jan -May 2023
Church History
Systematic Theology 1

August – November, 2023
Systematic Theology 2
Systematic Theology 3

Additional Information


  • Students do coursework online: lectures, quizzes, and reflection questions.
  • Coursework requires 2.0 hours per week.


  • Students engage in weekly classroom discussion with teachers.
  • Meetings are held Tuesdays, 6:30-7:30 PM.


  • The optional Honors program involves additional coursework.
  • Weekly reading and writing requires an additional 2.0 hours per week.
  • A final exam, term paper, or term project is also required per course.

Fees and Expenses

  • Tuition: $150 per semester
  • Discounts for Bethel and Every Nation staff
  • Books: Honors students must purchase their own textbooks.


Periodically we host seminars and supply teachings on a variety of topics that supplement Be1, BSD, and BLI programs to help you minister effectively.

Introduction to Every Nation

The course teaches the mission, values, and culture of Every Nation. It aims to provide you with a greater understanding of the heart of Every Nation.

Instructor – Various leaders within Every Nation Churches & Ministries.

NOTES: Introduction to Every Nation

Session 1 - Honor God Session 2 - Christ-Centered Session 3 - Spirit-Empowered Session 4 - Socially Responsible Session 5 - Churches and Campus Ministry Session 6 - Every Nation Session 7 - Lordship Session 8 - Evangelism Session 9 - Discipleship Session 10 - Leadership Development Session 11 - Family Session 12 - Culture

Marketplace Ministry Seminar

This one-day seminar gives a theological view of work and speaks practically about how to minister in your everyday context.

Instructor – Dr. Ashley Tauriac

Marketplace Minstry One Day Seminar Handout


Part 1 – Faith at Work

Part 2 – Biblical Understanding of Work

Part 3 – God’s Calling

Part 4 – The Church and the World

Part 5 – Excellence and Anointing