Our mission is to activate, challenge, and train men for the journey of restoring authentic manhood.

Men’s Breakfast

Every month, men realize the power of having other men around them who can relate to what they deal with on a daily basis. Life is hard enough; don’t make it harder by attempting to live it alone. Men’s Breakfast meets on the first Saturday of the month at 7:57 AM.

Kingdom Men Rising

Kingdom Men Rising is an eight-week study that challenges men to foster personal discipleship and apply discipleship skills and a leadership mindset to all areas of life. Dr. Tony Evans brings his insights, stories, and wise counsel from God’s word to clear all obstacles in your path, leading you to the abundant life you’ve been called to live. And along the way, you’ll find your heart stirred to reach for more, no longer settling for a faith that just goes through the motions. The life of King David is used as the book’s foundation, and topics include overcoming temptation, restoration from sin, how to disciple others, and finally, how to leave a legacy of faith and godly influence.

Discipleship Challenge

We’re asking that you engage and invite at least one man inside Bethel and one man outside of Bethel to attend with you.

This is a simple step in fostering your personal discipleship while applying the discipleship skill of engaging your community. It will help you continue to build a leadership mindset that will benefit all areas of life.