Our mission is to activate, challenge, and train men for the journey of restoring authentic manhood.

Every month, men realize the power of having other men around them who can relate to what they deal with on a daily basis. Life is hard enough; don’t make it harder by attempting to live it alone. Men’s Breakfast meets on the first Saturday of the month at 7:57 AM.

Through the Journey God revealed to me how to love unconditionally as he does. For me knowing how to love as God loves enabled me to forgive. I had a tough time with truly forgiving for many reasons. But through the Journey, I learned why I had struggled for so long with forgiving. I have forgiven others for the hurt that was caused to me as I have forgiven myself for the hurt that I caused them.” – Ken W.

What is a man? Think about it. It’s really a great question. How do you personally answer that question?

The question of manhood can be answered by looking at the life of Jesus Christ. He is the standard. He is the one that gives definition, direction, and destiny to all men that seek him.

That’s the very reason why we’re asking you to join the BE MEN Journey. It’s a journey that will give a clear and compelling definition of manhood so that you can have the greatest impact in your family, community, and the world. It will give you tools to build character, integrity, and a legacy that will remain long after you’re gone.

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“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” In case you haven’t realized, we now live in a culture that calls evil good and good evil. Men’s sexual identity and even our masculinity is being challenged.

With the heightened awareness of child sex trafficking, now is the time for good men to take action. Why would I say that? Pornography is actually one of the main gateways that lead to a person getting caught up in sex trafficking.

When talking to one of the leading experts on this subject, they noted that the problem is there is a consumer of sex trafficking–if you take away the consumer, you take away the industry. You might not be able to go rescue kids as some do, but you can help equip yourself and other men to not become a consumer.

The goal of our men’s Fall Study “Built to Conquer” is to equip every man to help himself, help his kids, and help other men not become consumers of pornography. This includes understanding scripturally and scientifically how deviating from God’s design affects our mind and heart.

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Most men can’t point to a 3 AM friend in their lives. You know…the kind of guy you can call and ask for help when your son is stranded 100 miles from home and you’re out of town. It’s uncommon to have the kind of friends that you wouldn’t mind your son hanging out with or that would bring back the drill he BORROWED without you having to ask! Friends that bond over the struggles, not just the victories of life. Friends who stick closer than a brother when the fan is covered. A literal band of brothers! Guy’s Night, held every October, is an opportunity to start being uncommon. It’s an incredible night of food, fun, competitions, conversations, and giveaways!

Our men’s ministry serves in various ways throughout the year, helping our church family and local community.

Discipleship Challenge

We’re asking that you engage and invite at least one man inside Bethel and one man outside of Bethel to attend with you.

This is a simple step in fostering your personal discipleship while applying the discipleship skill of engaging your community. It will help you continue to build a leadership mindset that will benefit all areas of life.

Need Help Connecting?

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