Check back late September for more info on our November 11 Guy’s Night!


Most men can’t point to a 3 AM friend in their lives. You know…the kind of guy you can call and ask for help when your son is stranded 100 miles from home and you’re out of town.

You’ll find three common types of friendships amongst most men:

  • 1. Rust friends: Guys you talk to once or twice a year; conversations center around the “good ole days”.
  • 2. Acquaintance friends: Guys from work or those with whom you share a mutual interest–outside of those parameters, you probably wouldn’t talk to them.
  • 3. Social friends: Guys you have light-hearted fun with, mostly at social gatherings.

The common denominator with all these types? A lack of real, authentic relationships that challenge you to be the man God designed you to be. They “know” you, but you’re not “known” on a deep level.

What’s uncommon is to have the kind of friends you wouldn’t mind your son hanging out with or that would bring back the drill he BORROWED without you having to ask. Friends that bond over the struggles, not just the victories of life. Friends who stick closer than a brother when the fan is covered. A literal band of brothers!

Well, we dare you to be…UNCOMMON! (Besides, normal is boring, lonely, and unfulfilling.)

Here’s an opportunity to start being uncommon: Guy’s Night 2022


  • What? GUYS NIGHT 2023 
  • When? November 11, 4—8:30 PM
  • Where? Bethel World Outreach Church
  • Who can come? Men and their sons (age 13 and up)