Most men can’t point to a 3 AM friend in their lives. You know…the kind of guy you can call and ask for help when your son is stranded 100 miles from home and you’re out of town!

The common complaint among honest men is, “I don’t have any real friends. The kind of men with honor that I can actually respect. The kind of guy I wouldn’t mind my son getting to know. That elusive guy that would actually BRING my BORROWED drill back without me having to ask!”

Proximity is a powerful tool in gaining access to rich, authentic friendships like these. Guy’s Night 2022 is one of those opportunities!


  • What? GUYS NIGHT 2022 
  • When? October 1 at 4—9 PM
  • Where? The Global Cafe, 5670 Granny White Pike
  • Who can come? Men (age 16 and up)


1. A HUUUGE award-winning BBQ. I mean, the kind of stuff your wife and mom won’t let you eat at home. Let’s not forget all the accompaniments and desserts, of course.

2. A “Guys Night” T-shirt. We’ll also have assorted swag bag items that speak to a guy’s adventurous nature.

3. Competitions and Challenges. …if that’s your thing! If not, there will be plenty of activities that are just fun and a total waste of time.

4. Advice and Sidebar Conversations. We want to talk about building a Band of Brothers like we mentioned above. Those “3 AM” friends!

5. Giveaways and Prizes.

  • PS5
  • flat-panel TV
  • indoor and outdoor adventure packages
  • golf club fitting
  • personal trainer package
  • high-end steakhouse dinner for two
  • one year Amazon Prime membership
  • and much more!

6. Gather, Grow, and Gain Wisdom. This not only makes great business sense, relational sense, and financial sense, but it will also help build you into that kind of guy that you look at and secretly say “I wish I was him.”

Don’t forget to invite a friend or neighbor!

Pricing coming soon…sign up now to stay in the know!