Interested in Starting a Life Group?

What is a Life Group?

A Life Group can start with just you and one other person meeting together to study the Bible. It’s all about cultivating a Christian faith community, whether it’s for your family, housemates, friends, neighbors, recent acquaintances, or other spheres of influence. Life Groups typically have a cycle of six to eight weeks, but can continue for years.

Why start a Life Group?

Participating in a Life Group helps both the leaders and participants grow in their walk with Christ, as well as build much-needed community. It’s also a practical way to answer the call of the Great Commission to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:18). There may be some who aren’t ready to walk through the doors of a church, but they would be willing to go to a coffee shop to talk about God.

What Do I Need to Do to Start a Life Group?

1) Complete these processes and training:

2) Pray and Write Out Your Plan

  • If you have not done so, use this tool to write out a vision for your Life Group.
  • We’re happy to help with content for discussion time, promoting your group, or anything else you need help with.

3) Fill Out A Life Group Information Form

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