We Are Family

Host a Meal

One important part of We Are Family is helping people connect with the Bethel family. A new and exciting way we’re doing that this year is our Hosted Family Meal on Sunday, August 20.

We’re asking members who are able to volunteer to host a meal at their home that Sunday afternoon after services so that others can sign up to come to the meal, meet someone new, and connect. Please consider opening up your home.

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up by clicking the button below, letting us know what time you want to start, how many people you can host, if you have pets, etc.
  • Meal times are 2 hours (unless you want people to stay longer).
  • People coming to your home will be asked to bring drinks and a dessert.
  • People coming will be asked to let you know about any food allergies they may have.

We’ll make a schedule with hosts on it and post it to the We Are Family website so others can sign up to go to a home. Hosts can then coordinate with their guests as needed.

If you’re unable to host, make sure and sign up to go to someone’s home you don’t know once the signups go live in about a week from now.