Momentum is the financial education ministry of Bethel Brentwood.

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Our Vision

To help God’s people manage God’s resources, God’s way.

Everything we receive comes from God. We’re here to help you make the most of the money God entrusts to you. Ten percent belongs to him; ninety percent is ours to steward.

Thanks for checking out Momentum Ministry! There are no classes at this time. For information on when our next class will be, please email Drew Powell at

Momentum Scholarship

For more information, please email our Momentum Ministry Team Leader, Drew Powell:

DREW POWELL (team leader)
Drew and Blythe Powell enjoy serving as co-leaders of the Momentum Team. Shortly after joining the Bethel Family, they found their niche in helping God’s people use God’s money the way God intends. After taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, they took personal finance seriously, paying off over $70,000 in less than two years! Now, Drew specifically helps the Momentum team with strategic planning and providing overall team leadership, while Blythe is responsible for developing the financial coaching plan for the Momentum Team.


Outside of their involvement with financial education, Drew serves as the Missions Specialist with Every Nation, providing support for churches as they send teams and individuals to further the work of church planting and campus ministry in every nation. Blythe works as a Senior Manager at a Brentwood-based public accounting firm, LBMC, where she utilizes her skills as a CPA for multi-state partnership tax compliance and consulting.


Financial Crisis Webinar

Watch the COVID-19 Crisis Intervention replay above.

Financial Coaching

Interested in continuing your financial journey with a financial coach? Email us at

Financial Aid Available for Certain Families That Lost Employment Due to COVID-19

Emergency cash assistance applications are being accepted online for qualifying families that lost a job as a result of the pandemic state of emergency.

This financial aid seems to be different than the stimulus and unemployment. LINK: here.

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Who can I contact for one on one coaching?

Email us at and one of our coaches will get in touch with you. If you haven’t completed either the Financial Peace University or I Was Broke, Now I’m Not class, you will be required to do so before a member from our team will engage in financial coaching with you.

What financial classes are offered at Bethel?

Bethel offers financial education in the form of the following classes, which are offered at various times throughout the year. Classes will be reviewed and modified seasonally, so check back for current class offerings.


  • I Was Broke. Now I’m Not.
  • Financial Peace University

If you are interested in other classes, please let us know at

What membership is required?

When you purchase a Financial Peace University (FPU) membership, you receive all the class materials and access to the FPU online resources you need to succeed. Please check the FPU website for up-to-date and accurate information as their programs change every so often.


There is no membership for IWBNIN (I Was Broke. Now I’m Not). Online and group study classes are available; click here for more information.

How long are each of the financial classes?

I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. classes are approximately 75 minutes long, once per week for six consecutive weeks.

FPU classes are approximately 2 hours long, once per week for nine consecutive weeks.

How is each class structured?

I Was Broke. Now I’m Not: Each class session lasts approximately an hour and 15 minutes. Joe Sangl teaches on DVD. Group members support and encourage each other as they work to change their financial futures.

Financial Peace University: Each class session lasts approximately two hours. For the first half of the class, Dave Ramsey teaches on DVD. During the second half, class members come together for a small-group discussion and hands-on activities. Group members support and encourage each other as they work to change their financial futures.

What is the average size of the class?

The average class size is between is 15-20 people.

What happens if I miss a class? Can I make it up?

I Was Broke. Now I’m Not: You can make up class work if you miss one class; however, if absent for more than one class, you will be ineligible to receive a graduation certificate.

Financial Peace University: As part of your membership to FPU, you’ll have access to watch the lessons in FPU Central. If you miss a class, you can review that week’s lesson and share what stuck out to you with your coordinator when you return the following week. Videos of each lesson are available in FPU Central for 9 weeks. Please check the FPU website for up-to-date and accurate information as their programs change every so often.

How many classes do I need to attend in order to graduate?

I Was Broke. Now I’m Not: You must attend five of the six classes to qualify for a graduation certificate.

Financial Peace University: You must attend eight of the nine classes to qualify for a graduation certificate.

Please contact us to make special arrangements for missed classes.

When will the first class start?

Class start dates will be updated on this page. Under the “CLASSES” tab.

Will I be asked to provide any personal financial information?

A couple of times throughout the nine lessons of Financial Peace University, we will collect financial data to get a cumulative financial view of the class. This data is strictly confidential and will not be tied to any personally identifiable information.

Can I get any additional assistance?

If you have signed up to take I Was Broke. Now I’m Not,  Financial coaching is available by contacting or by asking your instructor.

Financial Peace University: Your FPU membership covers the nine-week class, the ability to attend future FPU classes and access to FPU Central.

Who benefits from this program?

Everyone can benefit from these programs, regardless of age (whether you are 21 or 61), income (whether you make $12,000 or $100,000 per year) and marital status, or whether you are struggling, stable, or have a financial surplus.

Are there refunds if I don't like the program?

Our guarantee is simply this: If you do it, it works! If you don’t do it, it won’t work! If you work the program, you won’t want your money back. If you don’t work the program, you don’t get your money back. We will help you as much as needed throughout the program to ensure your success. We truly hope this becomes a major blessing to you and your family!

Do you offer scholarships?

Follow our scholarship guideline by clicking the link below:

Scholarship Info

What should my first step be to become a better steward of my finances?

Enroll in one of our personal finance classes.

How do I volunteer with the Momentum team?

The only requirement to volunteer with the Momentum Team is becoming a Bethel Church member and a desire to help equip others in their next steps in their financial journey.

What does the Momentum team do for fun, fellowship and equipping themselves to minister to people in the church?

Throughout the calendar year, the Momentum Ministry Team along with their family meet together to eat, play games, and watch movies. We offer on going one on one coaching, stewardship and leadership training for our team members. We take annual retreats with educational emphasis.

Can I sell or promote my business or network marketing during class?

No one is allowed to promote their business or network marketing during class.