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At Bethel, we believe that every disciple is called to minister. Our Ministry Teams exist to provide discipleship and ongoing training for Bethel members who are actively involved in discipling and ministering to others. To learn how to join a Ministry Team, read the infographic below.

Ministry Team Membership Flowchart



Find recordings from various training sessions below, including Be1 Discipleship Training and our Empower meetings.

Be1 Discipleship Training Videos

Instructor: Pastor Phillip Steele

Instructor: Pastor Carlos Antonio

Instructor: Pastor Carol Fidler

4Es | How to Make Disciples Online

Empower 2020 Recordings

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26 January 2020 — SANCTIFYING GRACE | sermon notes
19 January 2020 — GENEROUS GRACE | sermon notes
12 January 2020 — IT IS, WHAT IT IS | sermon notes
5 January 2020 — HIS WILL | sermon notes


The last chapter in a book, the closing scene of a movie, and the final act of a play–these “last words” are all significant. But these all pale in comparison to the final words of Jesus spoken on the cross. As we approach Easter, join us as we explore these seven sayings of Jesus found in the four Gospels.

You can download the devotional here. We will also post a daily video with one of our pastors and ministers.

You can watch the video here, through the Bethel World app, or Facebook Live.

Because Jesus went to the cross, we can forgive those who hurt us. Is there anyone in your life you need to forgive?


Because Jesus went to the cross, we can stand firm in our confession of faith. Let’s be a voice of faith to those around us.


Because Jesus went to the cross, we can care for those who are hurting.

Is there anyone in your life who is hurting? How can you care for them?


Because Jesus went to the cross, we can call God, “Father.”
Is there any sin in your life you need to repent of? Do so, and experience God’s forgiveness.


Because Jesus went to the cross, we can come to God with our needs. Do you trust him with your needs today? If you haven’t laid them at the foot of the cross, take a moment to pray.


Because Jesus went to the cross, our debt has been paid in full. Do you find it easy or difficult to believe that Jesus’ suffering, death, and resurrection is enough to atone for your sins? Why?


Because Jesus went to the cross, we can live lives that glorify God. Do you find it challenging to let your light shine among your family, friends, and neighbors? Why?