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Why do people call for help? Because they’re hoping there’s someone on the other side. Some of us reach a point in life where we have no choice but to cry out for help. Are you calling out for help with anxiety or depression? Are you lacking purpose or struggling with relationships?

This series will help you find greater help for the deepest struggles of our lives, pointing us to the great Helper sent by Jesus.

Find strength in the great Helper, and invite someone else to the series so they can get help too!

Midweek Service

Go deep at Midweek Service! Follow along with our Sunday sermon series and learn how God can help you with anxiety, depression, relationships, and finding purpose.

Click here to watch past midweek HELP messages.

Anxiety & Depression
April 14 & 21

Do you or someone you know struggle with anxiety or depression? Bring a friend as Keith Tower, pastor and licensed counselor, uses his humor and deep love of people, as well as his seasoned ministry experience, to provide biblically-based tools to help overcome anxiety and depression.

April 28

Need help navigating relationships? Bring a friend and find help as Pastor JT and Shelley McCraw equip you to grow your relationships. They’ve been helping people for over 15 years, using the lessons they learned from their relationship challenges that they faced and overcame.