This program is designed to activate you into your place in God’s mission. For 9 weeks, you will be challenged to grow in your love for God and His word, discover your unique gifts, and increase your leadership capacity.

Come ready to grow, see your faith ignited and your foundation strengthened so that you can be prepared for any ministry opportunity.

ACTIVATE will run from May 22nd – July 24th. Free Housing will be provided as part of the program. Graduation will be on July 24th. Throughout the program we will have instructors from all over the world coming to impart and teach. Practical ministry experience will be a key part of the program ranging from Worship, Evangelism, International / Refugee, Youth, and socially responsible initiatives.

Curso de Estudio:

    • Evangelismo
    • Vida de Fe
    • Disciplinas Espirituales
    • Dones Espirituales
    • Discipulado
    • Transformación Personal
    • Liderazgo
    • Interpreting Scripture
    • Systematic Theology
    • Practical Ministry Experience

Componentes del Programa:

    • Evaluaciones Personales
    • Bethel School of Discipleship Certificate
    • ENC Build Conference in Orlando, FL
      • Note: Registration and transportation included in ACTIVATE cost; hotel cost will be split between students
    • Friday Nights of Impartation With Local and International Leaders
    • Tuesday Huddles
    • Thursday Life Applications

Que nadie te menosprecie por ser joven. Al contrario, que los creyentes vean en ti un ejemplo a seguir en la manera de hablar, en la conducta, y en amor, fe y pureza. En tanto que llego, dedícate a la lectura pública de las Escrituras, y a enseñar y animar a los hermanos. Ejercita el don que recibiste mediante profecía, cuando los ancianos te impusieron las manos. 1 Timoteo 4:12-14