B Unlimited Special Needs Ministry


At Bethel, we’re excited to come alongside families affected by disability through our B Unlimited ministry to foster an environment where every individual receives the support they need to know they’re loved by the Father, grow in their relationship with him, and fully worship each week. We believe there are no limits to what we can accomplish when we’re walking with Jesus!

We partner with your family to provide the care that best leads to each individual hearing and receiving the gospel. For families who believe an inclusive or partially inclusive learning and worship environment with peers is best, we have the B Unlimited buddy program. Through our buddy program, we learn about each individual’s likes, dislikes, and areas where they may lack confidence and need extra support or encouragement. We then pair them with a B Unlimited buddy who best fits their personality and needs.

If your family doesn’t feel that an inclusive learning and worship environment is optimal, we also offer a B Unlimited classroom where we can adapt the room for individual learning and sensory needs.

At Bethel, we value all members of the body of Christ—all abilities are created by God and are equally important. Where the world sees disability, God sees ability! We’re excited to be walking with Jesus, where we can all B Unlimited in what we can accomplish!

Photo of Sarah Riepe, B Unlimited Coordinator

To help us provide the best possible worship experience for each individual, we ask that you email Sarah Riepe at sarah.riepe@bethelworld.org