90-Day Tithing Journey

Did you know that more biblical texts directly address money and possessions than love, hope, and prayer combined?

Why did God choose to focus so much of his Word on money? The answer is simple: money is usually the #1 competitor for our hearts.

Nothing reveals the truth of this biblical principle quite like a global recession. In good times, it’s easy to think that our trust and hope are entirely in Jesus. But when the stock market crashes, we lose work, or suddenly face gigantic medical bills due to an extended hospital stay, we often realize how much our faith is grounded in things other than Jesus.

This is why tithing is such a necessary spiritual discipline. When we are faithful in our tithing, we demonstrate that our trust and hope are entirely in Jesus, not in an economic system, political party, or monthly paycheck. We show that our vision is centered on Jesus and Jesus alone.

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